Thursday, April 7, 2011

Two Spirits

Due to the pending federal shutdown, which for those of you who don't know means I may be going without pay here soon, my writing schedule has been thrown a bit askew.
I very much plan on reviewing Anita Laydon Miller's Earthling Hero, tomorrow, but wanted to bring you something entirely different tonight. Before I get into why this is very important to me, let me share this link - Two Spirits.
I saw this documentary tonight and it moved me. It moved me as a creative endeavor and it moved me on a personal level. About 1 year after the Matthew Shepard murder in Laramie, WY a young Two Spirit, or Nadleeh, person named Fred Martinez was brutally killed in Cortez, CO.
He didn't receive the attention because he was non-white and poor. He wasn't traditionally attractive, though I think that is too narrow a scope to view people in. Fred Martinez was killed because he was different and I think it is our responsibility, as humans, to make sure this doesn't happen again.
I feel education is the first step. So please watch and share the trailer and ideally watch the documentary. There is more to gender and sexuality than most people feel comfortable thinking about, but we shouldn't be.
To me this is just as important as the fight against bullying. If anything, I feel like this gets closer to the root of the problem. This documentary will be airing on PBS on June 14.
I wanted to touch on briefly the salient points for me (in no real order) -
1) Dedication to an idea - the creator of the film went to great lengths to take a story and transform it into something that was both educational and inspiring and there is not enough that can be said about that level of dedication to your craft.
2) Strength of people like Ru Paul or Elton John, or the queers who decided they had enough at Stonewall. Strength doesn't have to be pretty or poised. It doesn't always have to speak with words, sometimes it yells. This is true of the riots in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and elsewhere throughout the world. I can never do enough to honor the spirit of strength that resides in these people. I am envious of their strength, but also rejoice that it exists.
3)The creativity needed to from whole cloth create a world and races, interactions, emotions and laws of physics is compelling and astounding. The ability to do so outside the social norms we are familiar with is epic, but to be able to take a real person and make them into a story. To transform something everyday into something legendary, that is vision. That is the kind of vision that to do and do well is rare.
I am in awe.

I am not in awe because this documentary led me to new ideas or was better than other documentaries I have seen, but because it is on a subject that needs more exposure. It exposes the grief of a mother to do so, but she wants her son known. Let his name and the names of other countless children be screamed from the top of every building until we remember why we should build and create and not destroy.

Go hug a tree.
That is all.

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