Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reading V Writing

The court is still out as to what I prefer. I love reading and really falling into a story. Characters I will never meet, but get to know more intimately than my closest family. Worlds I will never step foot on but are full of beauty and tragedies all their own.

But with writing I get to craft and shape each of those things. Take the world and people’s lives in direction they may have never taken. I can explore and idea through a person or live wildly and vicariously through my characters.

I can turn society on its head with words. The dream that took me down this path to begin with.

I feel like I can’t do one without the other. Just the exposure to the creative works of others gives me the energy to bury myself in my own work. It helps me recognize my own flaws and build on them. It lets me know what is out there and what people are thinking and feeling about even more than what they are buying.

I think if you write what is in people’s hearts and minds it will sell. Today I finished a dashing new author who I will talk about later this week. Or newly published, at any rate.

I know some people are very much against reading the work of others, especially while they work on their own pieces, but I couldn’t do it. I don’t always devour 7 or more books a week. Sometimes I even go a couple of weeks without reading a book, but not often. I can’t afford a world devoid of the art of the mind.

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