Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Live your life in increments

I found myself bemoaning the lack of excitement in my recent life and then the Universe reminded me that life cannot all be one long drawn out adventure or spiritual awakening.

Sometimes life is just about living day to day. Enjoyed the cool breeze and warm sunny day like today and making the most of it. Sharing your life and laughter with friends and family enjoying the quiet moments between the ruckus.

The big exciting moments like births, weddings, jobs, moves, parties, buying a home. Whatever big event is coming up in your life, it is certainly important to value those, but they aren't everything.

Don't wish away your life waiting for just the big moments otherwise your life will be nothing but a couple of highlights.

Some of the most poignant memories come to mind when I flash back over my time in various places in the country are small things I took time to enjoy. Whether it was smelling the flowers, taking a picture of a sunset, or just sitting outside watching lightning bugs.

Live it up.

But remember to love the small things too. If you find yourself rushing to the next BIG thing, stop yourself again and breathe and look around.

Notice the world you live in, don't treat it like background noise.

Enough lecturing. I'm done. Just smile.

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