Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pay it Forward

Sometimes in life you have to take that plunge that dive or sudden and unexpected risk. You have to expose yourself to things you had not considered before.

More importantly, you should buy the hazard insurance.

Last week I ran into a bit of a dilemma. I had purchased tires for my car just two and one half months prior, but I came out to my car on a cool and wondrous Monday morning and what did I find?

A flat tire.

No big deal, I just bought new tires two and one half months ago. I should be fine and even if I'm not there is still my spare and maybe I can pay to have it repaired.


Only not. I proceed to make the call to my boss informing work that I will be late - and waking my boss in the process. Oops, she had the day off. Should have been a sign.

Then my car pooler shows up to offer helpful suggestions as my cheering section. The one thing he was spot on about?

My spare was flat too.

So after waiting for a third co-worker to leave our Monday morning meeting and come get us I run the tire to Wally World at lunch and since it's going to take them twelve years to look at it I come back after work.

Mind you of course, I am without a car, so having to bum rides wherever I go.

Turns out it's the sidewall.

No one fixes sidewalls. This I was told with more authority and wisdom than ever anyone before at Wally World had ever before possessed.

What about all the extra things I paid for just two and one half months ago?

Life time balancing.

So I bought a new tire and paid for hazard protection.

I didn't get it the first time, not because of the 10 dollars, but because I was delirious from having waited four hours in wal mart the first time to get the tires changed. So I paid whatever they asked me to.

Don't even get me started on what happens if I need my tires balanced in the future since I only have lifetime balancing on 3 of the tires and hazard on 1.

The message here is two fold -

1) Know what you are paying for
2) If you have a chance to spend 10 now to save you 90 later - that is a cost savings.

Just do it!!

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